You are currently viewing Blockades, Bureaucratic BS. Part 2

Blockades, Bureaucratic BS. Part 2

My second installment on today’s Slack Leadership and the “Protesters” chaos in full view. No real Leadership from Our PM and his cabinet,Snotty wee “children” setting fire and sabotaging the railways. Is this what my Grand Parents, brothers and sisters fought for???

Sources:  David Menzie’s being threatened with ARREST and the Protesters sitting around-

    Post Millennial’s Vid of the Protesters setting fires-

  Empassioned speeches from – Pierre Poilievre

 From Harley Munro=

Mr Wun Feather’s essay on FB=

Mr Ellis B Ross vs Pam Palmeter Debate:

Mr Ellis B Ross’s Passionate speech:

Slack Leadership on JT:

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