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Greetings, I’m the Crusty Canuck and thank you for stopping by. I am a 20 year veteran of the Canadian Army. In that time, I have met, served, worked for and worked with many wonderful people of all creeds. I am married to a wonderful lady, come from a decent and hardworking blue collar family and yes.. brace yourselves.. I AM A PATRIOT.

The reason for this website is to you let you, the public, know that there is a fellow Canadian here who will speak out against the ridiculous status quo agendas that have been plaguing our country and our neighbors to the South for some time now. Yes… Social Justice Warriors, Identity Politics, Race Baiting, Victim-hood Mentality, 3rd and 4th Wave Feminist BS and everyone’s favorite, “Socialism.”

I will gladly scrutinize all of the above mentioned to promote real freedom of choice, speech, expression and thought. I do Videos on YouTube and I’m working on getting a podcast together so I can get my opinions & commentary out faster and keep you… the reader, listener, consumer and tax payer informed. I have no real faith left in this current Government due to their lies, misspending of CAN Dollars and their lack luster leadership that continues to compromise our beloved Canadian Democracy. I am not anti-government, nor am I anti-religion, nor sexist nor anti-immigration. I believe in rule of law and dialogue, FREEDOM to be anything you like or aspire to be… just don’t try to tell me that the Sun is the Moon, and the Moon is the Sun.

I am a firm believer in Free markets, Gun Rights, Property Rights and Prosperity for all… at least for those who want to work for it. I have merchandise/donation lines on the Home page for your pleasure. 30% of every donation/Sale I will graciously give to the Calgary Veterans Food Bank. We live in a day and age where words, ideas and style is deemed as “Violent, Toxic, Evil, Fascist, Sexist, Racist.” Younger men and women are subjected to Indoctrinations rather than actual education. Young men are feeling the burn when it comes to dating and interactions. More and more people are afraid and chastised for speaking out against it. LET’S STOP THAT NOW!!!! As a former soldier, I have been privy to see a lot of wonderful things about the human spirit, I have also been privy to see the mean, nasty and dangerous side of it.

So let us all end these dilemmas and let us get back to common sense!!!!

I encourage all of you to leave comments, suggestions and topics for my broadcasts in the section provided.
ANY RACIAL, ANTIFA BS, Misandry, Misogyny, COLLECTIVIST BS and REAL FASCISM!!! … Will not be Tolerated!
YOU WILL BE Banned from my site.

Take care, look after your loved ones and remember, Humanity and Merit wins the day.

– Crusty Canuck –