I was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada back in the 70’s. I was raised in a Blue-Collar Family that was well grounded in hard work, dedication with peace and fairness. Now don’t get me wrong, not every childhood is perfect full of puppy dogs and fairy tales. My Childhood had its up and downs as any other. None the less I was raised to be a good man, fair, reasonable and just. To take on life’s challenges with dignity, honour and respect.

People have asked me why I do this commentary and satire. My answer is simple. Its freedom. I spent 20 years of my life serving this nation in the Army. With that career choice I learned how to overcome many obstacles in life. How to be a good person as well as a good soldier. Now with every job in this spectrum we all meet wonderful and not so wonderful people. None the less examples of what to do…and what NOT to do prevailed everyday of my service. I spent a good part of my time in the Army remaining single. At that time, it was the logical thing to be considering at the halfway mark of my time we were all busy with training, exercise and Operational requirements that needed us to be away quite a bit. So, having any kind of “love life” was dismal.

After my last tour I began to realize that our freedoms should not be taken for granted and our leaders above all else should be held accountable for all their actions and decisions. So, while I was still serving, I had to keep a lot of my beliefs and opinions to myself and out of any Military social circle. It wasn’t until I was posted to Alberta that I began to see the vast differences in leadership, disciplines and actions to solve issues within the Military and on the civilian side of life. While I was discovering all the above mentioned, I began to question more policies and actions of our leaders and their “cronies”. Firstly, my loyalties lie with Freedom of Choice, Association, Press and Speech. What I thought that I stood by and fought for in this country. But after the 2015 election and Mr. “Sunny ways” did his best to silence average Canadians…it began to fuel my fire.

Now that I’m married to a wonderful Lady and surrounded by great people and a loving family, the fight of freedom is evermore prevalent. Since I left the Army, I do have more time and more connections to assist in thwarting the dogma of PC Culture by instigating honest conversation, dialogue and debate when needed. I was not raised to be a bigot, racist, or any other buzzword that the left side of life wants to use and abuse for the sake of a few narratives. I believe in live and let live and be real, honest and compassionate when needed. I also believe in fighting for what is right and what is needed. I believe that mental issues are real, pain is real, and life is. I am a casualty of PTSD, however that does not stop me from being and doing things I enjoy.

Fighting for Freedom is a joy and a necessity, questioning the status quo and challenging falsehoods promoted in todays media. Everyone deserves freedom. So, its safe to assume that we are Victors, not Victims.

Join me in being a Victor and let all of us stand on guard for this country we call Canada.

-Crusty Canuck-