You are currently viewing Trace this!!!… the New Normal?

Trace this!!!… the New Normal?

My Point of view on the new App being developed for tracing the “BeerBug” in the name of “Safety”. When we all know it s about control/ privacy violations, points about the “New Normal”.


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From The Post Millennial:

More Handouts from LAZY JT:

 Parliament Bantering Courtesy of the Post Millennial:

Scheer Slams Trudeau Fore Appeasing China

Trudeau's relationship with China is now being discussed in parliament. How much longer can he support the Chinese Regime??READ: The Post Millennial for more content

Posted by The Post Millennial on Monday, May 25, 2020

Justin Trudeau’s App Announcement:

Rebel News Segment on Hypocrisy of Politicians who don’t practice what they preach:

Hands off our Guns!!:

Contact Tracing, Note it also says to “Monitor”:

Please check out the Fred Stockman Channel. He is quite the Inquisitive Young man with an extreme intellect.

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