Trace this!!!… the New Normal?

My Point of view on the new App being developed for tracing the “BeerBug” in the name of “Safety”. When we all know it s about control/ privacy violations, points about the “New Normal”.


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From The Post Millennial:

More Handouts from LAZY JT:

 Parliament Bantering Courtesy of the Post Millennial:

Scheer Slams Trudeau Fore Appeasing China

Trudeau's relationship with China is now being discussed in parliament. How much longer can he support the Chinese Regime??READ: The Post Millennial for more content

Posted by The Post Millennial on Monday, May 25, 2020

Justin Trudeau’s App Announcement:

Rebel News Segment on Hypocrisy of Politicians who don’t practice what they preach:

Hands off our Guns!!:

Contact Tracing, Note it also says to “Monitor”:

Please check out the Fred Stockman Channel. He is quite the Inquisitive Young man with an extreme intellect.

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