“Inclusion , Delusion”! PART 2

More delusions in the name of Systemic Racism and their myths. More Political Leaders/Pundits tantrums and lies.


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Anastasia Lin (Human Rights Advocate) on CTV: https://youtu.be/tLsR8g4lmhE

PM Trudeau’s Lack of Spine and Diplomacy: https://youtu.be/iTpm4EivgjU

Voltaire’s  Great Video on “Chaz” or “Chop” : https://youtu.be/PN7S0VIgxEE

From “True North” News report on the “Two Micheals”:https://youtu.be/7KfN672icW4

Do you really want to DEFUND the Police???:https://youtu.be/K3oRbcp7zSU

From CanadaPoli, His great POV/ Report on “Racism” in Canadian Institutions and Missing $ for Infrastructure:https://youtu.be/4LLT4vi-ScA


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