2020 Review…Wasted? Merry Christmas

Was 2020 worth it?  Why and How do we make  2021 better for Canada and the World?

# EndTheLockdowns , #NoToCCP, #TrudeauMustGo




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From True North Media: Second carbon tax expected to increase gas by 50 cents a litre by 2030 | True North (tnc.news)

More “China” Influence: Appeased and Displeased | True North (tnc.news)

Young Man being “arrested” for skating: Help Ocean – Rebel News

and his story: https://youtu.be/tySzZBQ6fKw

China Influence getting some “Taxpayer Cash”. From Ezra Levant: https://youtu.be/n-CnkWFxuco

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